Status Update re: Augusta Power Stations’ Site – 3 March 2017

Status update:

Long Term Ash Storage Area Program

  • Work on the long- term ash storage area program is continuing.
  • Construction of the third “access finger” was completed on Thursday 23 February. The construction process now progresses to the fourth of a total of five “access fingers”. Water and Bond Matt HR is used as topsoil dust suppressant.
  • Nine trucks, a PistenBully machine, one D6 dozer, one 30t excavator and one 45t excavator continued operating, placing a total of 1,517 loads of topsoil onto the ash storage area surface for “access finger” construction in the period (Thursday 23 February – Thursday 2 March).
  • Flinders Power has sought approval from the relevant regulatory bodies for the application of topsoil to the Augusta Power Stations Ash Storage Area. Flinders Power will commence topsoil application on the ash storage area as soon as approval is received.
  • Dust monitors remain in operation to provide real-time data for monitoring and reporting. This dust monitoring information is available in real-time on the Flinders Power website under “Community Information”.

Polishing Pond

Flinders Power personnel continue to monitor the polishing pond for odour with a coating of odour suppressant applied on Monday 20 February 2017.

Demolition of NPS Unit 1 West coal Bunkers and Coal Transfer Tower H

A reminder that on Monday 6th March the Western Coal Bunker, Transfer Tower H and associated connecting conveyors at the Northern Power Station site will be felled utilising small cutting charges. Monday’s activity will ensure the safe and efficient demolition of the structures to a height that will then allow conventional demolition processes to occur. Flinders Power and McMahons Services have coordinated the demolition – with the relevant government agencies and emergency services – to ensure the highest safety and environmental standards.

Additional information:

  • The demolition is planned for Monday 6th March at 9am. If weather conditions are unsuitable on the day, the demolition will be delayed.
  • There will no accessible line of sight to this charge felling event, unlike the A station stack demolition in September 2016, as these structures are within the confines of the Northern Power Station.
  • There is no suitable public or media viewing area.
  • An appropriate exclusion zone (land and sea) will be strictly enforced by SA Police, and Security Contractors. Please note that a section of the Upper Spencer Gulf being South of the Playford ‘A’ station and North of the Northern Power Station inlet and outlet Channels will be an exclusion zone from 7:00am until the demolition is complete and the area declared safe.
  • Please note that there may be some detonation process “pops” audible during the process and some coal dust generated. Dust mitigation controls will be put in place; however there may some visibility of coal dust during and after the event.

Augusta Power Stations Site Enquiries:

All public enquiries may be directed to Flinders Power by:

Telephone: 0419 252 760
Additional information can be found at
Please Note: The ash storage area Updates are issued weekly. Special bulletins/media alerts may be issued from time to time when conditions or circumstances demand it.


On January 4 this year, Flinders Power commenced the aerial application of approved suppressant (used with success internationally in environmentally sensitive areas) on the ash storage area to replace dust suppressant impacted by severe weather. The company applied suppressant to the ash storage area late last year to prevent dust being emitted in windy conditions. The suppressant had been effective as an interim dust control measure prior to the commencement of permanent rehabilitation activities. However, bad weather had impacted – negatively – on what is normally an effective ‘treatment’.

The aerial re-application of suppressant at the Augusta Power Stations’ ash storage area was completed Tuesday 25th with a final inspection satisfactorily completed on 30th January. The inspection concluded that the works are complete and a good seal has been achieved, with no areas noted for re-application.

Following the installation and commissioning of two new continuous dust monitors at Lea Memorial Oval and Stirling North, a total of five monitors are now in operation. These monitors provide a real-time record of fine dust particles in the air.

A long term solution for the rehabilitation of the ash storage area has commenced and involves the application of topsoil, seeded with native plants and grasses, which will cover the entire ash storage area. The application of topsoil over the ash is considered the most effective process for the long term management of the area. This work will continue over the next six months with appropriate mitigation measures to be used to manage dust that may be generated during the topsoil application.

Community Information Session

A community information session was held on Monday 6th February at the Port Augusta Institute. Representatives from the Port Augusta City Council, Flinders Power, SA Health, Department of State Development and the Environment Protection Authority met with approximately 160 members of the community.

At the session, Flinders Power discussed its interim and long- term plans for management of the ash storage area. An information brochure regarding the Ash Storage Area is currently being distributed to the community by letterbox-drop.

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