Status Update re: Augusta Power Stations’ Site – 2 June 2017

Please note that weekly Updates will now be issued fortnightly with the next one due on 16 June.  Special bulletins/media alerts will still be issued from time to time when conditions or circumstances demand it.

Status update – 2 June 2017

Long Term Ash Storage Area Program

  • Carting of top soil to the Ash Storage Area recommenced on Monday 22 May after weather-related delays.
  • Priority areas for top soil spreading are the Southern two bays off access fingers 1 and 2, the Southern “ash borrow pit” area and the Eastern end of access fingers 3 and 4.
  • Seven trucks, five D6 dozers, one 30t excavator, one PistenBully and one 45t excavator are working at the site.
  • Dust monitors remain in operation to provide real-time data for monitoring and reporting.

Ash Storage Area Revegetation

  • There are large areas of self-seeding appearing on the Ashe Storage Area topsoil.
  • Native vegetation seeding on the topsoil will commence in June.

Polishing Pond

  • Water in the polishing pond has increased following the recent rains. Flinders Power personnel continue to monitor and manage the pond for odour.

Augusta Power Stations Site Enquiries

All public enquiries may be directed to Flinders Power by:

Telephone: 0419 252 760


Additional information can be found at

Please Note: Updates are issued fortnightly. Special bulletins/media alerts may be issued from time to time when conditions or circumstances demand it.

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