Status Update re: Augusta Power Stations’ Site – 13 April 2017

Status update – 13 April 2017

Demolition Unit 1 East coal Bunker and Coal Transfer Towers E & F

On Monday (10 April) the Eastern Coal Bunker, Transfer Towers E & F and associated connecting conveyors at the Northern Power Station site were felled utilising small cutting charges. Specialist company Precision Demolition engaged by Flinders Power’s alliance partner McMahon Services undertook the activity which went well and met all planning requirements.

The real-time dust monitors did not show any increased level of dust off site following the event.

Long Term Ash Storage Area Program

  • The EPA has approved the rehabilitation plans for the ash storage area. Work on applying topsoil continues so that it is in place in time for native vegetation to be established in the coming months.
  • The construction process has progressed to the fifth of a total of five “access fingers”. Water and Bon-Matt HR is used as topsoil dust suppressant.
  • Ten trucks, a PistenBully machine, a D6 dozer, a D7 dozer, a D9 dozer, one 30t excavator and one 45t excavator continued operating, placing over 668 loads of topsoil onto the ash storage area surface this last week.
  • There have been approximately 305,900m3 of top soil carted on to the Ash Storage Area since the commencement of the project on 4 January 2017. Topsoil distribution will continue over the coming weeks.
  • Dust monitors remain in operation to provide real-time data for monitoring and reporting.

Community Reference Group

The first Flinders Power Community Reference Group was held on 11 April in Port Augusta. The Group will continue to meet periodically to ensure closure program information and progress is provided by Flinders Power, and will allow for community questions and information requests to be addressed.

Polishing Pond

Flinders Power personnel continue to monitor the polishing pond for odour with a coating of odour suppressant applied on Monday 6 March 2017.

Augusta Power Stations Site Enquiries

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