Status update re: Augusta Power Stations’ – 11 August 2017

Status Update: Friday 11 August 2017

Long Term Ash Storage Area Program

  • Carting of top soil to the North end of the ASA has been completed to areas that are safely accessible.
  • Dust monitors remain in operation to provide real-time data for monitoring and reporting.
  • All areas that have previously been the cause of dust events are now covered with soil.

Ash Storage Area Revegetation

  • Native vegetation seeding on the top soil completed on all areas topsoiled = 124ha on the ASA and 6ha in the borrow pit.

Polishing Pond

  • Water in the polishing pond has significantly dried out. Flinders Power personnel continue to monitor and manage the pond for odour.

Augusta Power Stations Site Enquiries

All public enquiries may be directed to Flinders Power by:

  • Telephone: 0419 252 760
  • Email:

Please Note: Updates are issued fortnightly. Special bulletins/media alerts may be issued from time to time when conditions or circumstances demand it.

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