Media Release: Demolition Unit 1 East coal Bunkers and Coal Transfer Towers E & F – 5 April 2017

MEDIA RELEASE – 5 April 2017

On Monday 10 April the Eastern Coal Bunker, Transfer Towers E &F and associated connecting conveyors at the Northern Power Station site will be felled utilising small cutting charges. The charges are designed to weaken the structures enabling a controlled fall in a specific zone. Specialist charge felling company Precision Demolition has been engaged by Flinders Power’s alliance partner McMahon Services to undertake the activity which will be similar to the felling activity conducted successfully last month.

A spokesperson for Flinders Power said Monday’s activity will ensure the safe and efficient demolition of the structures to a height that will then allow conventional demolition processes to occur. Flinders Power and McMahons Services have coordinated the demolition with the relevant government agencies and emergency services to ensure the highest safety and environmental standards.

    • The demolition is planned for Monday 10 April at 9am. If weather conditions are unsuitable on the day, the demolition will be delayed.
    • An appropriate exclusion zone (land and sea) will be strictly enforced by SA Police and Security Contractors.
    • There will no accessible line of sight to this charge felling event, unlike the A station stack demolition in September 2016, as these structures are within the confines of the Northern Power Station. There is no suitable public or media viewing area.

Detonation of charges will be audible within Port Augusta and Stirling North and it is likely that some coal dust will be generated during the felling process. While dust mitigation controls will be put in place, coal dust may be visible during and after the event. Every reasonable effort will be made to prevent dust from leaving the site.

Media enquiries can be directed to Chris Rann of Rann Communication 0418 832 512 For queries on the decommissioning of the Augusta Power Stations please refer to the Customer Information Page on the Flinders Power website or contact the Flinders Power information line.

Flinders Power Information Line

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