Media release: Demolition of Northern Power Station Boilers

MEDIA  RELEASE – 3 November 2017

Demolition of Northern Power Station Boilers

The two Northern Power Station boilers – the most visible bulk of the giant structure – will be felled next Thursday (November 9) using charge-cutting explosives.

The felling of the 2 x 10,000 tonne structures, which are each 83 metres high x 46 metres long and 22 metres wide, will then allow conventional demolition processes to safely occur from ground level.

Specialist charge felling company Precision Demolition has been engaged by Flinders Power’s alliance partner McMahon Services to undertake the activity.

Flinders Power and McMahons Services have coordinated the demolition with the relevant government agencies and emergency services to ensure the highest safety and environmental standards.

Additional information:

  • The demolition is planned for Thursday 9 November at 9am. If weather conditions are unsuitable on the day, the demolition will be delayed.
  • Safety of both the personnel undertaking the demolition and the general public is paramount, and will not be compromised.
  • An exclusion zone (land and sea) will be strictly enforced by SA Police and Security Contractors. Please note that a section of the Upper Spencer Gulf will be closed to boating traffic as a precaution from 7:00am until the demolition is complete and the area declared safe. Limited boat traffic will be allowed to pass until 8:00am.
  • A public viewing area will be established on Shack Road at a designated site on the western side of Upper Spencer Gulf (please refer to image overleaf). Flinders Power strongly encourages onlookers to only utilise this site, which will provide the best and safest view of the demolition. Please adhere to traffic controls and signage along Shack Road.

Detonation of charges will be audible within Port Augusta and Stirling North and it is likely that some coal dust will be generated during the felling process. While the boilers have been pre-washed and dust mitigation controls put in place, coal dust may be visible during and after the event. Every reasonable effort is being made to prevent dust from leaving the site.

Since May 2016, Flinders Power and McMahon Services Australia have been working to dismantle and remove the power station plant and equipment from the site to leave it in a safe and stable condition suitable for future industrial use.

DIARY NOTE: Demolition of the iconic Northern Power Station 200m stack is scheduled for April 2018.

MEDIA ENQUIRIES : Chris Rann of Rann Communication 0418 832 512  For queries on the decommissioning of the Augusta Power Stations please refer to the Customer Information Page on the Flinders Power website or contact the Flinders Power information line.

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