Further Media Statement re: Augusta Power Stations’ Site

Flinders Power has advised that very hot and possibly windy weather this weekend may trigger further dust issues at the Augusta Power Stations’ 250 hectare ash storage area, despite intensive and stepped-up aerial application of suppressant. Flinders Power on Wednesday commenced the aerial application of suppressant on the ash storage area to replace dust suppressant impacted by the weather. This method of application – which will continue over the coming weeks — is in addition to the use of water carts. A spokesman for Flinders Power said “every effort” was being made to resolve dust issues at the site. Flinders Power applied dust suppressant on the ash storage area late last year to prevent dust being emitted in windy conditions. The suppressant had been effective as an interim dust control measure prior to the commencement of permanent rehabilitation activities. However, last week’s severe weather event impacted – negatively – on what is normally an effective ‘treatment’. A long term solution for the rehabilitation of the ash storage area has commenced and involves the application of topsoil, seeded with native plants and grasses, which will cover the entire ash storage area. The application of topsoil over the ash is considered the most effective process for the long term management of the area. This work will continue over the next six months with appropriate mitigation measures to be used to manage dust that may be generated during the topsoil application.

Media contact: Chris Rann 0418 832 512