APS Community Information

Dust Monitoring Information

Flinders Power together with the EPA is monitoring air quality in Port Augusta through a network of monitoring units installed in the community.  We have commenced a series of regular updates in order to help keep you informed of activities taking place.

* Please Note: This data has not been verified, the data is checked to verify that it is accurate and data that is incorrect is either corrected or removed.

Ash Storage Area

A long term solution for the rehabilitation of the ash storage area has been completed and involves the application of topsoil, seeded with native plants and grasses, which will cover the entire ash storage area. The application of topsoil over the ash is considered the most effective process for the long term management of the area. Site monitoring and management will continue as revegetation of the site continues.

Ash Storage Area Contingency Options

Flinders Power undertook a comprehensive study of methods to improve short-term dust control at the rehabilitation area, while not adversely impacting the long-term revegetation objective.  All applicable controls have been implemented as revegetation continues across the site.

October 2018 Options Assessment Report


Flinders Power signed a Project Alliance Agreement with South Australian based construction services company McMahon Services Australia. The appointment of McMahons as the Principal Contractor for the project followed an eight-month planning period where both parties worked collaboratively to prepare for decommissioning, demolition and asset salvage of the Port Augusta Power Station assets.

The Alliance Leadership Team was strongly committed to delivering the project in accordance with the core values of Zero Harm, Teamwork, Leadership and Integrity.

In April 2019, all decommissioning, demolition and site clean up works were completed in accordance with all existing obligations.

Community Reference Group

One of the recommendations from the Community Open Day included the establishment of a community reference group to ensure a conduit between community leaders and Flinders Power.  This group has met since early 2017.

We contracted a South Australian, independent facilitator to form, chair, manage and support our community reference group.

The group helped to guide and shape our community engagement and communications activities.  Representing the issues, concerns and values of the broader Port Augusta community, the group acted as a conduit to facilitate open, accurate and reciprocal communication between the community and Flinders Power.

We had representation from a broad range of organisations and individuals including:

Housing SA, Port Augusta Regional Health, State Member for Stuart, Port Augusta City Council, Department of Education and Child Development, Port Augusta Coastal Homes Association, Centacare and community representatives.


Community Reference Group – Terms of Reference (PDF)