Flinders Power Partnership (Flinders Power) is responsible for the Port Augusta to Leigh Creek Railway, the Leigh Creek Coalfield and the Augusta Power Stations.

In June 2015 Alinta Energy announced the closure of the Flinders Operations in South Australia following a strategic review to determine the future of the Augusta Power Stations and the Leigh Creek Mine.

Flinders Power has been planning the closure of the Flinders Operations since the announcement in June 2015.  Coal mining ceased in November 2015 with the mine being managed through a transition phase until mine closure plans are developed and approved.  Coal haulage of Leigh Creek coal stockpiles continued through until the last train operated on 27 April 2016. All remaining coal at the Northern Power Station was used until the 9 May 2016 at which time generation ceased.

Flinders Power has prepared plans for the decommissioning, disconnection and demolition of the Augusta Power Stations and the rehabilitation of the site. For more information or to read the plans click here.


Playford A Power Station Stack Felling

NPS West Coal Bunker and Tower Demolition

NPS East Coal Bunker and Towers Demolition

NPS Tower G and Economiser 2 Demolition

NPS Boiler Charge Felling

Playford B Chimney Charge Felling

NPS Centre Coal Bunker Charge Felling

NPS Stack Felling


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CU-River Mining to transform power station site in SA


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