Flinders Power Partnership was responsible for the successful closure and site remediation works at the Port Augusta Power Station and the Leigh Creek Coalfield.  All closure works have been completed at both sites.

Flinders Power has completed the Flinders Closure project.  This work included:

  • Leigh Creek Township:
    • Completion of all obligations
    • Transfer of Township back to the State (Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure)
    • Transfer of Water and Wastewater management to SA Water
  • Leigh Creek Mine
    • Completion of all mine closure activities in accordance with the approved Mine Closure Plan (2018)
    • Transfer of the Mine Perpetual Leases back to the State (Minister of Energy and Mining)
    • Completion of a 5 year monitoring and minor maintenance program (2023)
  • Leigh Creek Railway
    • Completion of all Railway handback obligations
    • Transfer of the Leigh Creek Railway back to the State (Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure)
  • Augusta Power Stations
    • Demolition of the Northern Power Station
    • Demolition of the Playford Power Stations
    • Remediation of the entire site including the ash storage area
    • Sale of the land for future development to CU-River Mining

Playford A Power Station Stack Felling

NPS West Coal Bunker and Tower Demolition

NPS East Coal Bunker and Towers Demolition

NPS Tower G and Economiser 2 Demolition

NPS Boiler Charge Felling

Playford B Chimney Charge Felling

NPS Centre Coal Bunker Charge Felling

NPS Stack Felling


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CU-River Mining to transform power station site in SA


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