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Aerial view of Ash Storage Area

Flinders Power together with the EPA is monitoring air quality in Port Augusta through a network of monitoring units installed in the community.  We have commenced a series of regular updates in order to help keep you informed of activities taking place.

* Please Note: This data has not been verified, the data is checked to verify that it is accurate and data that is incorrect is either corrected or removed.

Ash Storage Area

A long term solution for the rehabilitation of the ash storage area has commenced and involves the application of topsoil, seeded with native plants and grasses, which will cover the entire ash storage area. The application of topsoil over the ash is considered the most effective process for the long term management of the area. This work will continue over the next six months with appropriate mitigation measures to be used to manage dust that may be generated during the topsoil application.


Flinders Power has signed a Project Alliance Agreement with South Australian based construction services company McMahon Services Australia. The appointment of McMahons as the Principal Contractor for the project follows an eight-month planning period where both parties have worked collaboratively to prepare for decommissioning, demolition and asset salvage of the Port Augusta Power Station assets.

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Community Reference Group


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